Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., Paradeep
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A set of core values continue to guide us through the process of transforming the conglomerate into a high-performing and caring organization for our customers, clients, employees, and society.

  • Improving quality of engineering service to our clients and customer, as we believe quality is a way of life. Even services with low prices can be considered items if they meet a market need.
  • Creating value for our clients/customers, for the trust bestowed on us.
  • Building an empowered and ethical Zealous engineer, as we owe our existence to them.
  • Responsibility towards the industry and society, as we thing for our existence to them.
  • Being innovative in engineering services, for being different, counts.
  • Striving for excellence in whatever we do, to follow the exclusive path to leadership.
  • Flexibility and speed shall be our oars navigating the turbulent seas.
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